A new experience in retail

Imagine a place where people come to learn. Moms and kids feel safe. Parents know their needs come first. Children experience a world that’s made for them. Play areas ignite senses and challenge cognitive skills. In this place your business is not merely a store but an attraction itself.

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The School exists to fulfill an important need of our community. Parents desire better education for their children. But not everyone can afford private schooling. We believe enrichment fills a gap and helps to achieve their goal. Your business may be in the same place. Let’s see how we can work together.  300,000 sq ft of lettable retail space. The School is stroller and wheelchair friendly throughout. There are facilities built for mothers, and even fathers. This is a kid-friendly, parent-centric mall unlike any other. Over a third of The School is designated for enrichment centres. If your business has a focus on products and experiences that appeal to kids, and parents, we’d love to talk to you.

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The School at Jaya One